Monday, June 4, 2012

7 Hours: Teardrop by Travis Thrasher

In each installment of 7 Hours, a character is visited by the enigmatic Thomas Constant, who makes a heart-stopping statement: “You are about to die. But you may choose from one of three options: Live seven more hours, travel back in time and relive seven hours, or accept the inevitable and die now.” 
The clock is ticking.

What will you do with the time you have left? 

Mike Harden is caught by surprise with his death. When he's offered the choice by Thomas Constant, he chooses to travel back sixteen years to the day of his marriage.

While you might think this is a wonderful way to spend the last seven hours of your life, Mike has other plans. It was on this day that a man named Vince Levy first saw Mike's wife, Ashley, and decided to murder her. Mike plans on destroying Vince before that can happen.

This is the second Travis Thrasher book I have read. He takes his readers to the limit of visualizing violence in your head. He doesn't go about it with the descriptive gore but it's his choice of words - they're like sucker punches to the imagination. He lays them out quick and joltingly; and then it's over. But the residue stays with you long after the book is over.

This was a high-impact, emotional tale. In fact, the ethereal-like quality almost disengaged me from the story. Alot of this story takes place in Harden's thoughts as he wrestles with what he's going to do with the man who murdered his wife. Is he going to be able to carry out his plan and change the course of history?

These books allow us to experience the "what if" scenarios for ourselves. Thrasher's contribution has a lasting effect.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Tyndale House Publishing.

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