Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Surfing for God by Michael John Cusick

Cusick gives an honest look at the pull of sexual sin and the habitual way people try to overcome it.

This guy has gone through the mill. He's been there and suffered through his addiction in the deepest forms possible.

This book is his way of explaining how all the "solutions" people try to come up with can never actually do any good. Cusick claims that when men lust for porn, they are actually starving for a passion that only God can give. It may sound bizarre but from his experience, Cusick helps readers understand the steps of porn addiction: how they begin, how to prevent them and how to overcome the compulsion.

Within the fourteen short chapters, you'll find part personal testimony and part practical steps.

You will not find the Christian-pat answers that can be so frustrating. Cusick goes deeper to pinpoint the disconnect many men have. Having suffered with the addiction, Cusick provides one of the best resources a pastor and/or counselor could use.

You will learn how this is a cry for intimacy, how it perpetuates feelings of inadequacy, and furthers the endless cycle of shame. 
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