Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Globequake by Wallace Henley

You know how annoying it is when a word is repeated over and over? That is how you'll feel toward the word, globequake. Author Wallace Henley uses it so often you'd think he gets a quarter every time it's typed.

Even though this book is promoted as a book to calm fears, when you have the title Globequake (see even I'm falling into the trap), what else are you supposed to think of?

Henley spells out six spheres of influence in which Christians are to live their faith while the planet is failing. In part one, he defines the globequake and how it relates with time and all other sorts of well-reasoned arguments.

This book does tend to get a little highbrow for lay readers.

Part two contains the spheres:
Person which lays out how to be stable in this unstable environment.
Church which defines a rock-solid church and how it can be of influence in this world.
Family and how to create indestructible families.
Education which calls for sanity in a world where everything is blown out of proportion.
Government and how things could possibly be returned to normal in that arena.
Business-Marketplace which explains how you can create a business that is impervious to the globequake (gah! Can't help myself now)

Henley has played a role in most of these spheres throughout his life so he instills some of his real-life experience along with statistics to prove his point.

It's not too bad of a book. He does proclaim throughout that the point is trusting in Jesus Christ. If you have the time to wade through some of the deeper ideas found inside, you might enjoy reading this book.

This book was provided to review, at no cost by Thomas Nelson Publishing.

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