Monday, September 3, 2012

The Invested Life by Joel Rosenberg & Dr. T.E. Koshy

Joel Rosenberg wants to counter the push toward seeker-sensitive church. It's not that it's completely wrong,  he simply understands the church to be about bringing people to Christ as well as helping them mature in their faith.

Rosenberg and Dr. Koshy bring us into their discipleship process in this book. You'll gain some new tools and some fresh ideas on habits of old that are still valuable.

There are nine chapters in this book. Each chapter builds on the previous one to help you move forward in your discipleship.

1. Two simple question.
2. Defining Discipleship
3. Be Discipled
4. Follow Jesus' Model
5. Prayerfully Choose
6. Get Started
7. Go Deeper
8. Worship Together
9. Track Your Progress

At the end of each chapter is a personal testimony to give that personal touch to this book.

Very simply, this is a how-to book. It will give you the preliminary tools and ideas to get started in investing in others and allowing others to invest in your life.

You may feel like you'll want to seek out more challenging/practical books for when you've been through the process.

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