Monday, November 12, 2012

Everything by Mary DeMuth

I have been impacted by everything Mary DeMuth has written.

Her novels evoke such a range of emotion while reading them and her nonfiction writing turned out to be just as impactful.

Everything is Mary's coaching book. Using her own life as the blueprint, she helps us explore what we give and what we gain to becoming like Jesus.

Right off the bat you will discover that things were not so wonderful for Mary as she and her husband were obedient to the ministry of God. In fact, things were awful. Mary explains the fear and the level of depression that seemed to surround her home while they worked overseas.

She then jumps into three sections. First she writes about our head and what we think about God and the challenges that brings. Second, she writes about the heart and who we are. This section is the home-run for Mary. She is terrific and poetically expression this aspect of our lives and how it connects with God. Third is the hands and how we live. She gives us many things to think about when it comes to our finances and our relationships and just being irresistible.

Her epilogue is the perfect way to sign off from this adventure. It's the bookend that needs to happen when you read anything by her.

There are questions to explore and discuss after each chapter. And these are your typical churchy cookie-cutter questions. You will absolutely go deep with them.

Terrific book for any individual or small group.

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