Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rudy: My Story by Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger

If you haven't seen the movie Rudy yet, stop reading this review and pick it up.

It's about time we have the book to explain the story behind the film that makes grown men cry. Ruettiger teams up with Mark Dagostino to spell out the journey this man traveled for his dreams.

Like most biographies, you'll read about the victories, the heartaches and the glory that comes with being the recipient of a biography.

You'll read how Rudy struggled with school because no one knew how to diagnose dyslexia. You'll pick up on things left out of the film that adds so much depth to his struggles. Like most "heroes", there is a moment when Rudy wants to give up. He wants to quit because all the voices telling him he can't actually win. But, as the movie portrays, he is confronted with another guy who provides the "out" Rudy needs to succeed.

The book is written in the high-octane style similar to the film while also slowing down for the more poignant moments of his life. Some of the actual events had to be changed in order to create a story adequate for film, but this book is worth every penny - every page.

You'll enjoy flipping through the photos that are found near the middle of the book - helps put faces to names.

Rudy's is a fantastic story and it will motivate you just as much if not more than the film!

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