Saturday, January 19, 2013

James Bond FAQ by Tom DeMichael

Everything you wanted to know about every Bond movie ever made.

Tom DeMichael has written a quick and easy reference on all things 007. He sets the stage by describing the author of the Bond books, Ian Fleming. This guy was the essential Bond without the killing: he had the girls, the alcohol and the military background.

With the quick nod to Fleming, DeMichael jumps into the movies. He highlights every actor ever to grace the screen as James Bond. He gives their own background as actors and what they brought to the character. Any list cannot be without its own best-to-worst and DeMichael shares his own opinion. Of course Sean Connery tops the list but who follows may be surprising to some.

Connery set the stage and kept coming back to the role even after he said he was finished. Of course the later efforts weren't as tight as Dr. No or From Russia With Love. Lazenby had no chance as the successor to Connery. Moore brought a more tounge-in-cheek quality to the character and you either love or hate his portrayal. Dalton decided to leave the goofy qualities behind and added a more brooding Bond to the masses. Brosnan finally got his chance to play Bond and his was one of finesse. Then there's Craig - a more human Bond (if that's actually possible).

Each chapter is given to specific aspects of the Bond franchise. You'll read all about the many gadgets, the villains, the evil organizations, the many, many women and of course the cars. The specifics for each and every one varies.

You'll read details from every movie ever made (including the spoof starring Peter Sellers) up to the latest, Skyfall. If you haven't seen them you will be spoiled.

This is a good book for any mild Bond fan. You have 50 years of information to fit into 400 pages. DeMichael does an admirable job - even if his attempt at humor often falls flat...

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Applause Publishing.

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