Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mirrors by Ted Dekker

Book two of a four e-book saga. Ted Dekker slowly tips his hand.

With the first book, Identity, I relished the return of mind-bending Dekker storytelling. With Mirrors, I think I'm getting a slight grasp of where he's taking us but the joy of reading Dekker is that you will double back on whatever assumptions you make many times over.

I like the pacing of this story so far. I like how this book in unveiling more of the past for Christy ... I mean Alice...perhaps Christy.  These chapters fly by too soon. For those of us purchasing these e-books as they're released, the short wait between books is exhausting. (lucky you who can buy all four at once.)

Christy seems to get most of the backstory attention so far. But Austin has to get his due soon. The thing with his headaches and his mysterious past have to come to the fore soon.

I love how I'm not sure if the villains are the villains. Could it be that they truly are just trying to help them out? This is the joy of diving deep with Dekker.

Don't mistake these for full-length novels but they are worth the read!

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