Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Watch

Is this supposed to be a type of re-make of The Burbs? Is it supposed to be a comedy or a scary alien movie? Maybe it's trying to be like Shaun of the Dead where it's scary but funny?

This seems to be a problem with this movie. I was hoping for some hours of good laughs with the likes of Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and Richard Ayoade (The I.T. Crowd) but I was greatly disappointed.

The Watch is rated R which right off the bat is a letdown. Why is it that so many comedies have to go for the R rating in order to try to pull the audience in? Do they think the raunchy jokes, heavy sexual themes, and endless bad language attracts the laughs?

It doesn't for this viewer.

After learning that this movie was originally planned for Will Farrell to star before he and the director had a falling out, I understood the juvenile tendencies. Farrell has fallen very low in my expectations and this movie is exactly the kind of movie he would make.

The "life lessons" are shoehorned into the plot - a husband is sterile and another man is trying to be a decent father to his daughter - and it just feels like it's trying too hard.

Then let's talk about the that point it looked like Ayoade had given up.

While I'm not a fan, enough people must think these sort of gags and jokes are the rave because the studios keep churning them out.

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