Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gods at War by Kyle Idleman

A book on idols and how we allow them to be #1 instead of God. Haven't we read this book before?

The problem I have with this book is not that it is written poorly. In fact, Idleman is a great author. My problem was I wasn't engaged with the material. I've heard it all before, many times.

Idleman divides this book into four parts:
gods at war sets the stage for the rest of the book
the temple of pleasure dissects our bent toward food, sex, and entertainment.
the temple of power highlights our drive toward money, success, and achievement.
the temple of love focuses on romance, family, and me (or you as the case may be)

Idleman repeatedly states that these things are not bad in and of themselves. They become gods when we elevate them to top priorities.

You've heard this before, yes?

Idleman adds a couple blips at the end of each chapter to add a little flair but this really isn't a groundbreaking book for Christians (or nonChristians).

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