Thursday, May 16, 2013

Prototype by Jonathan Martin

Ever think you are God's gift to mankind? What if you are actually more like Jesus than you think?

Author Jonathan Martin takes readers for a splendid adventure. When you read the Gospels, you see Jesus in complete trust of God the Father. What if we could have the same trust with God? Is that possible?

The big premise I took from this book is how to get freedom from fear by claiming who we are in God's sight. Don't allow yourself to conform to what your friends or peers want you to be. Find your identity, your true identity, in God and you will be free.

In this way, Jesus is the prototype. He was completely comfortable with his identity.

Martin provides some fantastic theological ideas in a practical way that anyone can read and fully grasp. This is an easy read.

There are plenty of moments where you will read a sentence or paragraph and stop reading just to allow the through process to work.

Are you secure in your identity - your identity in God?

Click here to read a Q&A with the author.
Click here for an excerpt of Chapter 1.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Tyndale Publishers.

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