Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Insourcing by Randy Pope

Discipleship has been a buzz word around church circles for a long time. How can church attendees grow in discipleship? What format works best? These questions and others have permeated the scene for years.

Randy Pope has an idea on what it looks like for the local church to build disciples.

It has to be more than great worship music, top-notch preaching, and popular programs. This books explains how Pope's church made discipleship successful by, what they call, life on life experiences. It's not about outsourcing things to programs, but insourcing them to individuals.

Have you heard this before? Chances are you probably have. But Pope has created an acronym:


disciples will spend time learning the truth in Scripture
disciples will be equipped with practical plans
disciples must be held accountable
disciples must make their life a mission
disciples will fill their life with supplication (prayer)

Come on, who doesn't enjoy an acronym when in church???

I really enjoyed the practical aspects to this book. Pope knows what modern Christians need to hear when it comes to the "So What" aspects of their faith. This book will be helpful for any Christian leader and small group facilitator.

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