Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sovereign by Ted Dekker & Tosca Lee

The Books of Mortals trilogy didn't get me as enthused as I have been with Dekker's stuff.

The beginning of Forbidden had me excited but when I realized it was a re-telling of The Circle Series, I half tuned out.

Having said that, Sovereign is a terrific read. Dekker and Lee make a fine team. Dekker's plots with Lee's prose created an engaging story...for those who may not have read Black, Red, White, and Green.

As the marketing has identified, this series is a retelling of the Christian Church. Those who have read The Circle Series will see the obvious connections with The Gatherings and the splintering of loyal factions.

The villains have the Dekker flavor. There are some twists in Sovereign that I quite enjoyed and a character flaw that was exposed by other readers is adequately explained.

The biggest contribution this book makes is near the end. Once Rom and Jordin have gone off on their separate quests, you want to focus in on Jordin. She asks the important question: if she has taken the blood, why is she still miserable.

This is the question for all Christians today. We're supposed to be free; why do most of us walk around like sour grapes?

Once Jordin has the answer to her question, the seeming power she has over the villains is a little "too easy" for me.

While this wasn't my favorite book (or series) from Ted, I would certainly read another adventure from the hands of Dekker & Lee.

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