Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sticking Points by Haydn Shaw

With the economy the way it has been and people living longer, we have four generations that could be working together. How in the world can we get them, with their own ideas of work-habits, to work effectively?

Haydn Shaw believes he has the answer. He has compiled a list of twelve aspects of work where these generational differences can unravel a job. Then he provides ideas on getting the success a job needs.

The first three chapters set the stage as it discusses the difficulties of leading the four generations together and providing five steps a boss can utilize to help. Then part one jumps in with defining the four generations:

the traditionalists keep calm and carry on
the baby boomers do their own thing
generation x-ers get real
the millennials believe in group solutions

Part two breaks down the twelve work aspects:
decision making
dress code
fun at work
knowledge transfer
work ethic
sticking together

Shaw explains how each generation views each of the twelve work aspects. This information is enlightening for those of us in leadership positions but it may also be beneficial for families who have grandparents and greatgrandparents along with children and younger. The explanation of how each generation approaches work within this framework is fascinating.

Shaw helps us understand where others are coming from and what we can do to maximize the best from each worker. You'd be surprised to learn some of the "inherited" sticking points.

Managers, CEOs, families, any leader should pick up this book for the incredibly helpful information.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Tyndale Publishing.

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