Saturday, August 31, 2013

Olympus Has Fallen

What if North Korean terrorists assaulted The White House and actually took it over?

This is the premise of the film. All through the making-of special feature, the filmmakers and actors were talking about "how this could happen". Of this I was dubious.

First of all, the Koreans were able to get a C130 into White House airspace. They actually took out the fighter jets flying interference. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could help me figure it out.

After the C130 scene, with the high body count, I needed to remind myself that this was a movie in the vein of Die Hard. In fact, I keep seeing reviews comparing the two and how this should have been the latest version of Die Hard.

The body count is high and very bloody. The graphic violence may be movie-realistic I have no clue. I grew more uneasy as I watched the fatal shots over and over.

The actors are good. Butler, Eckhart, Freeman all do quality jobs.

I just couldn't get past the graphic violence, the high "f-bombs" tossed,  and how the film-makers were going on and on about how realistic their film was.

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