Saturday, August 24, 2013

Unveiling Grace by Lynn Wilder

An inside look at the workings and behavior of Mormons.

Lynn Wilder is no longer a Mormon. Her son played a large role in her and her family's conversion.

This book pulls the curtain back from a very secretive religion. Make no mistake, there is plenty to be said about the positive family life and community culture of Mormonism. Lynn helps the reader understand exactly what things are like and why they believe what they believe.

She also does well at expressing her turmoil when conflicting beliefs entered her family circle. When her son comes in direct conflict with her church and leadership, you can't stop reading. The way this saga plays out over the chapters is like decent reality tv mixed with the better After-School specials.

While the Mormon church was incredibly hospitable to the Wilder family to the point of giving them leadership roles, when the doctrine is questioned all sorts of problems ensue.

I was intrigued at some of the details of a Mormon service. I couldn't believe they sing songs about their founder. I was trying to think if Christians sing hymns about Moody or Wesley or Luthor or even Paul or the disciples. If they do, please leave a comment with the proof.

This book is a wonderful eye-opener. A terrific read for the grace of God.

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