Thursday, September 5, 2013

You'll Get Through This by Max Lucado

I really needed this book at this point.

How many of you have heard endless messages on the life of Joseph? Sold into slavery from brothers who hated him, lied about and thrown into jail. We've all heard this right? But Max Lucado has a way with words that brings this right into your face with so much grace.

Inside you'll find fifteen chapters about Joseph that then seamlessly applies to your own situation. Followed by questions you can use personally or in a group.

Who else has gone through problems? Who else has experienced awful situations? Everyone has right? And everyone will come away from this read with a little bit more sunshine in your life.

Lucado is right on the money, once again, with the clever stories and supplemental heart-warming applications.

He touches on the pitfalls as well as the times when we feel like God is absent.

If you've ever gone through hardships, you'll want to read this book. If you know of someone struggling right now, you'll want to get them this book.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Thomas Nelson Publishing.
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