Friday, March 14, 2014

The People Factor by Van Moody

Want an excuse to get rid of that annoying person in your life? This book gives you the perfect excuse.

According to the cover, all you have to say is, "I'm sorry but you are preventing me from unlocking my God-given purpose. So this relationship is over."

Of course it's not that simple. But it's not very complex.

Van Moody is part of Joel Osteen's Champions Network. That right there speaks volumes. He's also a trainer for Dr. John Maxwell's EQUIP.

Now, about the book:

There are three parts with part one covering the ten "Laws of Relationships".
1.Being Real.
2.Mutual Benefit
4.Letting Go
7.Anti Secrets
8.True Value
10.Constructive Transition

Part two deals with the difficult relationships and part three covers what you need for great relationships.

This book is thick but it contains surface level ideas plugged with Scriptural references. But to be fair, Moody does provide the insight into the areas of our life in which many people need the most assistance. We need to honestly look at the people we are around, be they social or professional. Sometimes it takes a book like this to beat us on the head and wake us up to truth.

Chock this one up for another semi-cliched Inspirational reading.

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