Sunday, April 27, 2014

Star Trek: Khan #1 by Mike Johnson and Claudia Balboni

This graphic novel tells the story of how the Khan of Wrath of Khan becomes the Khan of Into Darkness.

The books opens with the trial of Khan following the events of Into Darkness. Through the course of Khan's testimony, we read of his transformation from Indian superman to European thin-bin.

While I get why the storytellers felt the need to explain why the two Khans look different, I don't understand why it should matter. If I understand the alternate timeline proposal, isn't this a new set of stories? Wouldn't it be perfectly fine for Khan to be a different person?

Or (and I'm using this review as an open exploration) is it still the same Khan from the Eugenics Wars and the timeline only changed into the future with Kirk's dad?

In any event, this graphic novel is an interesting read. I enjoy filling in the gaps from the new movies as with Countdown and Countdown to Darkness.

It's a clever tool to retell and flesh out certain characters. The illustrations are terrific.

Diehards of the Original Series will probably not like these new stories but fans of the new Alternate timeline movies might enjoy the fill-in-the-blanks these comics provide.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by IDW Publishing.

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