Friday, October 31, 2014

A.D. 30 by Ted Dekker

Mastermind Ted Dekker takes on Jesus.

With a story ten years in the making, A.D. 30 may be the most personally transforming book of Ted's.

The catch is, Jesus doesn't make much of an appearance. The story is about a warrior princess named Maviah. (or is she a slave) She is on a quest to seek King Herod's assistance with a battle of clans.

I have to tell you, the opening scene and the gut-wrenching death almost did me in. I almost stopped reading because I was so distraught. What was Dekker doing to me?!?!?!

But you fight through it and you'll get a huge reward.

There are many "trudging through the desert" scenes to get through. Once the trio of characters, Maviah and her three protectors, make it to civilization, then the real intrigue begins. And even yet, Jesus is just a whisper.

The ideas brought forth in this book began with his previous series (Eyes Wide Open, Water Walker, and Hacker) and I personally think Dekker did a better job presenting those ideas in the previous books. However, this will still stick with you and cause you to ponder the reality of what Jesus was preaching.

Everything is done from a new perspective around Jesus. You meet the women suffering from blood loss, you get to sit down and hash things out with the people only glanced at in Scripture.

This is another solid entry from Dekker. I can't wait to see what he does with the sequel.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Center Street Publishing.

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