Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lincoln in the World by Kevin Peraino

There are so many books about President Lincoln. What in the world could be said that hasn't already been repeated? Enter Kevin Peraino's book on Lincoln's foreign policy.

Wait a minute. Lincoln's foreign policy? Wasn't he consumed with The Civil War and all that mess within The United States? How in the world did he have time for anything else?

Peraino pulls back the curtain and reveals just what the President thought and did.

Beginning with his time as a Congressman and what he believed during the Mexican War, Peraino lays it out in a concise manner. This is actually a very interesting and easy read.

Lincoln fans and history buffs must get this book.

It also tackles how the President interacted with some of the big egos within the State Department and other officials.

Take some time to move away from the Civil War for a few days and read through this book. Your admiration for Lincoln will probably grow deeper as you unpack his thinking on issues across the pond.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Broadway Books.

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