Monday, February 2, 2015

Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever graphic novel

This is the graphic novel of how the popular Star Trek episode was set to go before they changed some of the characters around.

It's pretty much the same as how you remember the City on the Edge of Forever episode except that Bones is not the person who travels back in time to screw things up. It's a random officer.

Spock and Kirk still go back to fix things. Kirk still falls in love with the girl and all that jazz.

The artwork looked like they took pictures from the show and "artisized" them. It makes the graphic novel look like it was pulled from the tv show. The detail on the facial expressions was very nice.

I enjoyed the novel. But I didn't understand why they felt the need to make it. Is this a new series for how scripts originally looked?

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by IDW Publishing.

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