Monday, June 29, 2015

Tongue Pierced by Nelson Searcy

Departing from his typical church growth topics, Pastor Nelson Searcy tackles the topic of our words and the power they wield.

It's difficult to not compare this to the name-it-claim-it crowd as they both deal with the idea of your words can help create your surroundings but there may be some truth revolving around this often ridiculed concept.

Why not just go along with the directives of Jesus and be kind, loving, positive, and encouraging? This is the main thrust I took away from this collaborative effort.

Your words do have power. They can be used to create or to destroy. I really enjoyed the chapter on speaking to family - your spouse and children. I would also include parents in this area. Too often we speak down to our families and even a little snide comment or cutting remark about how disappointed we are in a child can have devastating results.

This wasn't like any other Searcy book but it was just as uplifting and encouraging to begin/continue using our words to uplift and encourage.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by David C. Cook Publishing.

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