Monday, July 6, 2015

A More Christlike God by Bradley Jersak

Is Jesus fully God? Do you believe Jesus is the greatest example of God we have? Then how do we reconcile the God Jesus represents with the God declaring the people of Israel to destroy entire peoples?

What if we realigned our thinking with a more Christlike God? Will that completely destroy the stories from the Old Testament?

This is the big debate currently hitting the bookshelves. (at least the ones I'm reading) It's almost a debate behind the eight-ball as the question typically begins with New Testament Jesus vs Old Testament God.

Bradley Jersak is an amazing writer. Right off the bat, he hooked his talented talons into my mind and kept me reading until the book was finished. I have to go back and reread all the things I've underlined.

There is so much goodness to be found in this book. Even if some of the ideas cause a "mind squint" in which you sit back and ponder what you just read to see if you agree, you'll be totally engaged with what Jersak is talking about.

This isn't a book designed to anger fundamentalists. At least I didn't perceive it to be written in that manner. It very much feels like a conversation talking place where this brilliant conversationalist shares deeply profound thoughts on a level that anyone can understand.

You won't find the rhetoric that has grown stale, you will find grace and a book that pulls you in as you contemplate Jesus, God and your own, possible, misconceptions that have laid claim to your mind.

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