Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fury by Steven James

Fury is book two in James' young adult trilogy.

It picks up with Daniel who was suffering from, what he calls, blurs in the first book. While he may have solved the case from the first book, he finds himself suffering from additional visions and someone who is poaching the local wolves.

It's up to Daniel and his friends to unravel another mystery.

Steven James knows how to create tight mysteries. Most of his stories start off at a slow simmer. I thought this book was almost too slow. The speed really picks up once we get to the psychiatric ward and it does not let up until the last page - no joke. But it does take a bit of work to get there.

There are many threads involved - many storylines that, somehow, all connect by the end. It's amazing to watch James bring it all together. There are so many characters that you THINK you have it pegged on as the villain and then he whips your head around so fast with the answer.

I have enjoyed these books: Blur and Fury. I'm eagerly anticipating the final book. However there was a moment/scene where I was jolted out of the story and almost quit reading. It comes near the end and it involves a hay baler.

I don't know what it was - my mindset or how it felt like a shock jolt to the rest of the story but I thought it was too much. Details were surprisingly absent and it is left to the reader to imagine what happened. So maybe the problem lies in my own head.

That one scene aside, I cannot believe how James can churn these stories out. They almost feel like a young adult combination of his crime-solving Patrick Bower series with his scientific-exploring Jevin Banks series. As if they meshed together and produced Daniel Byers....huh, just noticing James seems to have a thing for characters with last names starting with "B".

Must look deeper into that!

This book was terrific and provided for review, at no cost, by Skyscape Publishing.

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