Monday, November 23, 2015

Eve by WM. Paul Young

For whatever reason, this book felt like I was reading it at a slight off-center angle.

Young has done very well for himself in the writing department. Starting with The Shack, then Crossroads, and now Eve his writing ability has gotten much better. He has always maintained an incredible creativity and ability to put images in your mind via words but each book has magnified this talent.

That being said, there was something off in this book. And perhaps that was the point going in. As you begin, you really have no idea what's going on truly until the very last couple pages.

You meet a group of people living on some kind of island that is positioned between worlds/realities/dimensions? I'm still not too clear on their location. They have proper names but also call each other by their roles: Collector, Scholar, Finder, Healer, etc...

One day some wreckage washes ashore and they find this girl who needs immediate, desperate care.

The rest of the story needs to be experienced. It is bizarre.

The book promos boasts about challenging the way you understand the Creation story in Genesis and I suppose it does. I mean, I found myself pondering the premise Young provides. But once the book was over, I really didn't think much about it. The main takeaway I held to was how confusing some of the parts were.

The confusion is partly explained, as I said, at the very end of the book. I found myself thinking, "Oh okay. Well THAT makes sense now" but in so far as making me rethink what I believe about the Creation story, this didn't do that.

While his writing is better, the stories have gotten worse, in my opinion.

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