Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ten Prescriptions for a Healthy Church by Kay Kotan and Bob Farr

These two people have done it. They have created a resource team to go into churches, observe, take notes, and plan the strategy to return it to effectiveness.

These ten prescriptions are basically common sense but many long-time church attenders and ministers can get into the habit of missing them. Familiarity breeds whatever the phrase is. But this book is a breath of fresh air into the staleness of musty churches.

I enjoyed how this is a get-to-the-point resource. Not much time is spent on what-ifs and generalities and making wide berth claims. Farr and Kotan state what their teams have experienced and what they have done to change/fix the situations and how other churches can too.

I found this book to be incredibly effective and encouraging. Now I need them to come to my church!

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Abingdon Press.

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