Monday, January 11, 2016

Searching for Jesus by Robert Hutchinson

I was amazed. Simply amazed that I could read a book about the historical context of Jesus and find new material.

Hutchinson covers so many bases and opinions in this book that, for those interested in how the study and research is going, this is a treasure trove. I began reading with skeptical eyes, thinking I would only be rereading what I've read before but - alas - this was fantastic!

Hutchinson explores almost every opinion about Jesus already out there: he was a revolutionary, he was political, he had a secret message, he was a terrorist, he was a lunatic, and many more. He uses extensive ideas from other thinkers/writers and engages with their ideas. This is worth the price of the book alone. Well not alone, the work he has done in compiling all the information is worth the price.

He also covers some of the recent discoveries and unpacks his thoughts as to whether they are correct or not, such as the viability of the Gospels and their writers.

This book was so good. It wasn't dry and boring, it wasn't like a university lecture as some of the historical Jesus books tend to be.

Even though I've read many books like this, I was greatly appreciative of the cultural context that Hutchinson provided.

If you read this book, you will not be disappointed.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Thomas Nelson Publishing.

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