Friday, April 22, 2016

Jesus Called He Wants His Church Back by Ray Johnston

I was in the perfect mindset to read this book.

There seems to be a trend in Christian circles: in order to be hip, you have to trash on the church. This book toes the line on that trend.

However, Ray Johnston clarifies his reason for writing this book that it isn't simply to trash-bash the American church culture. It is to remind American Christians what their purpose is and how our society, and the many losses that occurred, has led us to this place.

There are three parts inside. Part one deals with where our society and church went wrong. It talks about the things that we lost in seven decades. Part two deals with what Christianity looks like without Jesus. Part three deals with rediscovering Jesus.

I connected with part two. In the three chapters, you look at why people are fed up with church and why some of today's Christians actually enjoy being lukewarm.

Part three is the actual meat and potatoes of the book. This section should energize church leaders into action to lead their church forward to be the church of Jesus and do what Jesus wants it to do.

The writing is a mild bite in that if you are happy with where your church is, you might feel a bit offended at it. The chapters are quick-hits; very easy to blitz through. But you may want to go back and reread the thing.

What is the American church missing? It isn't doing what Jesus would have it do.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Thomas Nelson Publishing.

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