Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Progeny by Tosca Lee

Tosca Lee has written a story that feels like she mixed Memento with something from Dan Brown.

Emily has no memory of who she was but someone wants her dead. How's that for a tag?

There are many twists and puzzles throughout this first book in a series. (Be prepared for a cliffhanger ending) For the first section, you'll find yourself playing catch-up with what's going on with Emily and why she is where she is and why in the world did the author start the story as if you've already read a prologue.

But it's all for the purpose of the story.

You will find yourself questioning every character: "Are they a friend of Emily's or do they secretly want to kill her?" In fact, there are so many characters that you may need a "cast of characters" list in order to keep them all straight.

This is a globetrotting book so be ready to go to places you aren't familiar with. And if Eastern Europe isn't your thing, you may be getting a bit bored with the confusing locations.

The constant flipping of sides on the part of the characters really dropped me out of the plot. I think her fans will gobble this book up, but I'm not sure if it will win her too many new ones.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Howard Books.

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