Tuesday, June 7, 2016

VeggieTales League of Incredible Vegetables

VeggieTales has their over version of The Avengers.

There was another group of heroes back in the day called The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen which this title is based off of but most of the kids will think of The Avengers when watching this movie.

A new villain wants to freeze the city in fear. LarryBoy can't tackle him on his own so he needs the help of more heroes.

Junior is the character that learns the lesson about fear and turning to God.

The animation is solid. The acting and message are top notch like they typically are from a VeggieTale flick.

The most important thing for parents to know is that my two boys were glued to the screen when this was playing. In fact, they request it now for every movie night. It isn't too scary for young eyes and they learn a well-known but valuable lesson in turning to God when afraid.

The theme song is performed by The Newsboys so you know it will get your kids up and dancing.'

The bonus features were surprisingly substantial.

The only thing of critique is, from an adult point of view, I thought the Silly Song was a bit weak this time. Hairbrush song, it was not.

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