Monday, September 26, 2016

For a New Generation by Lee Kricher

This book reads like something from Andy Stanley. Similar to his Deep & Wide.

A great read on how a pastor made changes to a church and began effectively reaching the next generation.

It is very easy to get comfortable in any circumstance and church life is not an exception. Once things are going along, it's easy to want to keep things as they are because they seem to work. But Kricher explains that as church people, we need to be constantly looking forward to those coming of age.

He identifies 5 areas/strategies that he and his leadership team adopted and implemented in order to accomplish this.

It isn't another "church growth" book. This isn't simply about getting more people into your church as if your church were a business selling products. This is about not allowing the church to become like Joshua's generation.

Remember Joshua? The guy who led the people of Israel after Moses had died? Most know of Joshua as the guy who led them into the promised land, but many may not be familiar with how the story of Joshua and his generation ended.

In Judges it reads that another generation came after them who didn't know the Lord.

This is the big thrust for Kricher and his church and why he feels it should be for all churches. He believes every church should do everything they can, the best they can to reach the next generation for God.

This is a good book in that he outlines why he did these five things and how they implemented them. He doesn't sugarcoat things. He points out that people left the church because of these changes and that you should expect the same from your church if you make similar changes. But how important is it for the next generation to know God?

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Zondervan.

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