Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Mediterranean Love Plan by Stephen and Misty Arterburn

Who needs more so-called secrets to enhance your marriage?

Sometimes I read these books just to see how they repackage the same message found in every other modern love-help book.

This couple has experienced the wonders of European love and decided to share it with the rest of us in seven simple "secrets".

The secrets are attunement, playfulness, savoring food, enjoying beauty, creativity, health and longevity and blending sacred and sexual.

This book is part travel through the countries, part personal experience, and part advice-giving. But like I wrote earlier, most of these secrets are simply repackaged ideas you'd find in every other love book.

For example, you'll find advice to get in tune with each other, fully engage with what your spouse enjoys, do things together like cooking, go on a hike and enjoy the wonders of creation, and how to have godly sexual passion. (I'll let you read that part on your own to see how they unpack that secret)

This isn't a bad read. They clearly want to add their voices to the mix. The advice isn't bad. It can be fun to read how other couples try out new things and attempt to apply it to your own situation.

But I'm just not a fan of so many "here's how to FINALLY have a wonderful marriage" as if the other hundreds of books don't promise the same thing. And maybe that's the problem. These books aren't breaking through which is why there are so many of them out there.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Zondervan Publishing.

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