Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Gospel of Self: How Jesus Joined the GOP by Terry Heaton

Terry Heaton was a producer for The 700 Club back in it's heyday. He was a mix of media and faith and things were going great, until they weren't.

This book is his personal reflection and reasoning behind the rise the Religious Right and Pat Robertson's role in it with his show.

From the get-go, you understand that Heaton is no longer on the Robertson bandwagon. He was uncomfortable with some of the ethical/political activities beginning with Robertson's entry into presidential politics.

He was let go from his position and it certainly left an impression.

This book is a fun read if you like to read behind-the-scenes types of books. You will get an eyefull of information about The 700 Club program, the personalities behind it all and how things broke down.

Heaton despises the Religious Right and, with it, the Republican party. His reasons for hating these organizations is valid in how he presents what they were all about.

What I'm not sure I can agree on is what happens all the time - everyone who identifies as an evangelical Christian is stereotyped by the likes of Pat Robertson. I don't think every evangelical holds the same beliefs as him or the evangelical cartoons we see in the media.

I'm not a fan of lumping everyone under one status. Unless I'm totally off base and the evangelical movement has left me behind?

It's easy to make fun of someone like Pat Robertson and this book will provide plenty of additional fodder to use.

With his venom aimed at some of the Robertson family put aside, some of Heaton's thoughts are quite articulate when it comes to new media and how it has gotten in the habit of failing the viewer.

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