Monday, June 29, 2009

Elyon by Ted Dekker & Kaci Hill

Reading the latest additions to Ted Dekker's Young Adult novels were like watching a television show that had gone on for too many seasons.

Elyon wraps up the YA series called, The Lost Books. (or so we think) And I wasn't connecting at all to the characters or the story like I did in the first 4 novels.

There are too many brand new characters that came from nowhere in the mythos of these books. Sadly, these last two books (Lunatic & Elyon) seemed to be rushed and didn't have the punch that a typical Dekker novel - even young adult - has.

Johnis, has a woman possessing him (what?) and his girlfriend goes along for the ride all the while, trying to get him back to normal. Darsal, who was the villain in Chaos has become the ultimate good girl and is trying to love her arch nemesis.

I said this in the review for Lunatic but Ted, please - PLEASE stop writing these YA books and stick with adult thrillers.

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