Monday, June 29, 2009

The X and Y of Buy by Elizabeth Pace

The X and Y of Buy is a great book for anyone dealing with relationships. Not only will this book help seal the deal for marketing and sales, but it will help you understand the opposite sex.

Elizabeth Pace has written the how-to book on marketing to men and women. Not only does she give you practical advice, but her research explains everything from how our brains react to why men behave the way they do while women behave in a totally different way.

I thought this book was wonderful! My career isn't really about sales but I found the information to be informative without being boring. Pace has a talent at getting her point across in layman's terms I found myself turning through the pages just waiting to see what else I could learn about the opposite sex that would help me in my relationships. Plus it helped me understand why I behave the way I do.

I enjoyed her description of how men and women shop differently: men want to go right to their item and leave, and women want the entire shop-senses experience.

This book is for anyone wanting to understand men and women.

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