Friday, August 28, 2009

The Chamber of Lies by Bill Myers

The Chamber of Lies, Book 4 of The Elijah Project, has the family racing to the rescue of Elijah. Shadow Man has plans for him - plans to turn him away from God and to serve his master.

This plan includes trapping Elijah in the Chamber of Lies and giving him whatever he desires.

However, with each vision/dream giving to persuade him away from God, Elijah ends up turning them into a chance to glorify Him.

Piper and Zach, along with their parents and friends, Cody and Willard do all they can to help Elijah but, for the kids, they get trapped in the Chamber as well.

Will they be able to stave off the Shadow Man's tricks or will Elijah have to make a sacrifice for them?

You finally find out what purpose Elijah is to have in the days to come, but the series doesn't really come to an end with this book. Hopefully there will be more as Myers can explore the story further.

Great kid's series by the writer who knows Spiritual Warfare.

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