Monday, August 24, 2009

Trapped by Shadows by Bill Myers

In book 3 of The Elijah Project, Trapped by Shadows, we find the family reunited, Shadow Man on their heels, and the three goons causing more trouble than help.

Elijah is taken by Shadow Man after his brother, Zach, drives their jeep into a river. The rest of them make it out and onto dry land only to watch Elijah fall prey to a kidnapping.

They decide to pursue and rescue Elijah from Shadow Man's lair...or should I say, his master's lair deep underground.

While all this is taking place, Cody and Willard defy gravity to join in the rescue fun.

But deep in the bowels of the earth, they discover that they will need a lot more help than what they have...

This series is keeping me guessing. At first I thought Elijah was the allegorical Jesus character. Then I thought he might be part of a powerful spiritual kid, now...after learning just a taste of his history I am still in the dark.

Can't wait to dive into the 4th story!

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