Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fusion by Nelson Searcy

Fusion is written for people, who attend a church, and are interested in moving people from first time guests to members.

One of the biggest challenges for churches is keeping their guests and not losing them out the back door.

Searcy has created a plan for all churches to achieve this.

Searcy's plan calls for churches to spend between $400-$600 per guest on free gifts. (books, gas cards, etc...)

Doesn't this almost seem like bribery? I have a friend who would go to a large church that offered free coffee for first time guests. Each week they would go and claim to be first timers.

Having said that, this book is a great resource for anyone interested in church growth.

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Nelson said...

Thanks for the post about Fusion!

One clarification - I do not advocate $600 - $700 on first time guest follow-up. I do suggest you send them a personal letter with a gift card (currently we send a first class letter with a subway/bus pass - total cost $5) and then at their second visit we send a letter with a CD (about $2 with postage).

At the service Guests have the option to big up a free book designed to answer their questions about Christ (maybe $3.50 each).

So, I guess we do invest (I like that word better than 'spend') around $10 to get a first timer to return. I see it more as evangelism since everything is designed to move them forward in their spiritual walk.

In the book, I do mention that the average church spends hundreds of dollars to get guests through the door (based on the money invest in evangelism) and my challenge is to invest a few more dollars to help people return/grow.

Hope that makes sense. Again, thanks for the shout out!

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