Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mosaic Bible Available

Check out the brand new Mosaic Bible from Tyndale! You can learn more at amazon.com and by going to the Mosaic Bible's website.

There will be a special guest, Keith Williams, on this review blog this week. Keith is the General Editor of Mosaic.

In addition, I will be giving away a certificate for a free copy of Mosaic which can be redeemed in bookstores.

Please post a comment with any questions you have about Mosaic and we'll answer them when Keith Williams is here. One lucky questioner will win the Free Mosaic certificate!


Scripture Zealot said...

Will there be updates to Mosaic in future years?

Thank you.

Scripture Zealot said...

I should clarify. Will there be new devotional material in future years either in an updated Bible or devotional material that's separate?

Anonymous said...

What is the prose on the back cover from? Where did it come from?

I noticed, the "I Believe in the Holy Catholic Church"... Is this Bible for the Catholics?


EllyBean said...

Will you ever make a Chronological version of this Bible?

Zach said...

Will this be a good resource for those in a more evangelical stream of the Church? Does the devotional piece of the publication give a 'soft' introduction to those that are not that aware of the early Church fathers? If it does... how so?

Very much looking forward to taking a look at this publication!

Thank you.

GiBee said...

Will this come out in a soft-bound copy?

srogers said...

Are any other editions of Mosaic planned for the next couple of years? Softcover, other leather-like bindings, actual leather, etc.? Also, does Mosaic include a dedication page for giving as a gift?

Zach said...

Just curious as to the winner of the Mosaic certificate....

nudge.nudge. :)

Donna said...

Where can we purchase it?