Thursday, September 24, 2009

Activate: An Entirely New Approach To Small Groups by Nelson Searcy

This was the book for me! Out of the three books I've read from Nelson Searcy, Activate gave me the most to chew on and imagine.

Who knew creating a new way to do Small Groups could be so exciting? Searcy takes the status-quo and completely flips it on its head.

Small groups? Think about 20 people in one group - none of this, 6-8 people per group.

Neverending groups? Think semesters just like school so leaders won't get burned out and people have the opportunity to grow in a different group.

Deep and personal where at least one person has to cry every week? Think basic socializing - making new friends.

While the ideas seem to be geared toward larger-sized churches, the principles in Activate can be applied for any church.

I can't wait to implement these principles and watch relationships bloom.

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