Thursday, September 3, 2009

Timescape by Robert Loparulo

Robert Liparulo continues his excellence with Timescape; book 4 of The Dreamhouse Kings series.

This book picks up immediately after book 3 ends and the adrenalin rush doesn't let up. Even when the family tries to sleep something startles them awake.

The King family has moved into a house that contains mysterious rooms. These rooms have doorways to different places and different times and they are always in motion.

Each book in the series takes the family to exciting and dangerous locations as they look for their lost mother. She was kidnapped and dragged into one of the doorways.

In Timescape, the boys find themselves on The Titanic, attacked by Vikings and in the woods where they meet a familiar face.

Liparulo is driving me crazy with each nail-biting cliffhanger in these books.

This series is storytelling at its finest!

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