Saturday, October 31, 2009

Double Cross by James David Jordan

Former Secret Service agent, Taylor Pasbury has lost her father and the man she was tasked to protect. Now, in Double Cross she discovers someone has been stealing and blackmailing.

This is James Jordan's second book about Taylor and he doesn't let her off the hook.

Someone tries to kill a reporter Taylor meets with at a Starbucks, an accountant for her dead client is found dead - supposed suicide, and to top it all off, Taylor's eccentric mother is back in her life and married to her third husband.

I haven't read the first Taylor Pasbury novel so I was a little lost coming in to this book. It feels like your typical Law & Order episode: with twists and turns and "double crosses".

It's fun to read books by people who do it on the side, Jordan is a business attorney in Dallas - of course he would do well with this genre.

This book was provided for review by BH Publishing Group.

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