Friday, October 30, 2009

Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven But Nobody Wants To Die by David Crowder & Mike Hogan

The title of this book is a little misleading. David Crowder and Mike Hogan have written a book (revised and updated) about the human soul ... and how it connects with bluegrass.

Reading Everybody Wants to go to Heaven but Nobody wants to Die will leave you nearly blind.

I say that because this updated version has print so small, you need those grandma reading glasses to comprehend the size of the print.

Once you get past that "little" annoyance, this book reads like someone on ADD.

The book is divided into 7 parts: one on the history of the soul and how the greatest minds defined "soul"; and the other part on the history of bluegrass.

Between the parts is an IM conversation between the authors. And somehow - somehow it all adds up in the end.

This book is along the same lines as Donald Miller's writing style.

It's a fun read, just be careful of the tiny print.

This book was provided for review by Zondervan Publishing

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