Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Jesus You Can't Ignore by John MacArther

John MacArthur takes on the postmodern evangelicals in his latest book, The Jesus You can't Ignore.

MacArthur takes issue with the latest blend of "friendly conversation" when it comes to speaking with those who disagree with you spiritually.

Jesus wasn't a wimp, he actually began most of the verbal conflicts with the religious leaders of his day, MacArthur writes.

Jesus doesn't try to find the common ground as 21st Century evangelicals do today.

Taking a summary look at Jesus' messages, sermons and dealings with experts of the Law, MacArthur attempts to show how most Christians of today are not preaching the Word as they should.

He thinks we're wimps.

One thing I noticed was that Jesus saved the harshest words for people who should have known better: the teachers and experts of the Law. Jesus did not, typically, speak harshly to someone who was not a Jewish religious leader.

The problem here is a missing the point. I think the postmodern evangelicals speak calmly and in a friendly manner to those outside the Christian faith. I don't see the need to speak harshly to them.

Now I do agree with MacArthur that churchgoers sometimes need a kick in the pants. And he does explain that we're to speak truth in grace and love.

The last thing that I didn't like was how he calls on us to speak out against the false teachers; those who are twisting the Christian message, yet he fails to name names. Why didn't he practice what he preached?

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