Tuesday, November 17, 2009

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets
is the continuing story of the Gates family who happen to be treasure hunters.
When a mysterious man, played by Ed Harris, provided evidence that a Gates ancestor was part of the assassination of President Lincoln, Ben (Nicholas Cage), his father Patrick (Jon Voight), side-kick Riley (Justin Bartha) and girlfriend Abigail (Diane Kruger) set off to prove the Gates family's innocence.

They travel to France to find a clue on a clone of the Statue of Liberty, they sneak into the Queen's house to get a look at her desk and kidnap the President in order to find out about the Book of Secrets.

Also back, in a rather small role is Harvey Keitel as the FBI agent Sadusky.

Joining the cast is mother Gates played by Helen Mirren and The President of The United States - Bruce Greenwood.

As you can see, this film has a knock out cast of actors.

Many people gave this film a bad review because they felt it was too similar to the first National Treasure movie. While it is true that the magic of the first film is missing from this endeavor, Book of Secrets is absolutely worth the watch.

There is nothing like clean action adventure. The National Treasure movies and the first Pirates of the Carribean should be in everyone's library.

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