Friday, November 20, 2009

A Simple Christmas by Mike Huckabee

New York Times bestselling author Mike Huckabee releases a "remember when" book in time for the holidays.

A Simple Christmas takes you back to his childhood memories of the Beatles and putting on lip syncing concerts for the neighborhood to leaving the Governor's mansion of Arkansas.

There are 12 chapters that deal with one simple idea (i.e. Patience, Trials, etc...) and how his experiences of Christmas personify those ideas.

Not every story has a happy ending, but they all succeed in their purpose which is to help you understand Governor Huckabee's past and what shaped him into the person he is today.

Huckabee is clever. This book serves two purposes: 1) a book released in time for the holidays that makes an excellent gift. 2) helps Americans feel as if they've gotten to know the "real" Huckabee so they will be more inclined to vote for him come 2012.

In any case, A Simple Christmas is a nice read and look into someone's past and their own story.

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