Monday, November 30, 2009

Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis

I have tried multiple times to read this trilogy. This last month I decided to tough it out.

C.S. Lewis is known for his Chronicles of Narnia books and other thick-headed writings. The Space Trilogy is not for wimps. It is written in the spirit of H.G. Wells and other ancient novels.

The first book of the trilogy is titled, Out of the Silent Planet. Telling the story of a man named Ransom, we follow his adventures to the planet Mars and its inhabitants. (One of which you can see on the cover of the book)

Ransom is kidnapped by two men and shoot off for the red planet in a special space vehicle. Once there, they encounter what they suspect to be vicious creatures and Ransom escapes before being offered as a sacrifice.

The majority of this story focuses on the environment; many pages are devoted to the descriptions of the mountains and terrain.

After Ransom meets up with other creatures from the planet, the dialog picks up the pace.

It won't take many people to realize that Lewis is using the genre of sci-fi and these characters to tell a different story.

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