Friday, February 12, 2010

The Bible as Improv: Seeing and Living the Script in New Ways by Ron Martoia

Ron Martoia has written a book that may cause a stir with some Fundamentalists. His The Bible As Improv book wants to slide away from the traditional way of reading and studying Scripture.

Martoia's experience grew from a Bible study he would conduct with his friends. Like most small groups, they would look at the verses and try to determine what they could take and apply to their lives.

Then the hard questions began to form; questions about tattoos, and what kind of clothing to wear, even questions from the New Testament.

Through these questions and his experience through college and Seminary, Martoia began to view Scripture in a new light. He began to see it as a script. Taking his cues from N.T. Wright, he sees the Bible as a story or play that is comprised of acts. We, of course, are in the act not written.

Martoia calls us to look at the big picture and not pick-and-choose which verses apply to us now and which were only applicable for them back there.

It's a fun read, and like I said, I think the fundamentalists will have problems with his "new" way.

This book was provided for review by Zondervan

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