Friday, February 12, 2010

Transforming Discipleship by Greg Ogden

Greg Ogden goes against the mega-church grain by promoting a discipleship plan based on one-on-one meetings instead of small groups.

He wants to see church leaders making disciples a few at a time instead of trying to churn out groups of people who have sat through a class.

First, Ogden describes what went wrong and with with The Discipleship Deficit and getting to the root causes.

Next he explains how to use the Bible as a method book in making disciples.

In part 3, he gives us church-based strategies to make disciples.

He is not shy at expressing his disdain for the current fad of Small Groups and he seems to come in conflict with a popular discipleship book called Simple Church.

Within Transforming Discipleship, Ogden explains how the Paul/Timothy model shouldn't be used in churches as that was a special case. Instead, we should employ the Paul/Barnabus model in which we grow together, taking turns.

One of the bright spots in this book came at the very beginning when Ogden explained how our pastor's are too busy doing the work that others should be doing.

Biblically, pastors should only worry about instructing and equipping the church goers; the visitations, pastoral care, etc... should be left up to those who are built up within the congregations and turned out to lead.

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